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On behalf of the parish, I want to congratulate our students who received
the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday. By the virtue of receiving the
Sacrament of Confirmation, they have taken a bigger spiritual step in their
relationship with Jesus Christ. By receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation,
they have attained a significant level of spiritual growth. The Catechism of the
Catholic Church teaches us that in Confirmation we are sealed with the gifts of
the Holy Spirit. The confirmed are now spiritually integrated in their Catholic
faith. They are now spiritually strong to talk about their faith, live by their
faith, and defend their Catholic faith in a loving manner. The whole world will
watch how they live their lives and exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
How is Confirmation different from Baptism? – In Baptism, we first are
initiated into the life of Christ through the action of the Holy Spirit. In
Confirmation, we are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are sealed
and strengthened by the seven gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation
completes the spiritual journey we started in Baptism.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church indicates very clearly the
significance of the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Catechism says,
“Confirmation is the Sacrament which completes the grace of Baptism by a
special outpouring of gifts by the Holy Spirit which seal or “confirm” the
baptized in union with Christ and equips them for active participation in
worship and apostolic life of the Church” (CCC 1285). The “seal” happens
when the candidates are anointed with the “Oil of Chrism” by the Bishop
during the celebration of Confirmation. The Bishop says to each Confirmandi,
“Receive the Holy Spirit,” and the Candidate responds, “Amen.” And the
Bishop says, “Peace be with you,” and the “Confirmed” reply, “And with your
Spirit.” That “Peace” is not an ordinary “Peace.” It is the “Peace” that comes
from Christ, the “Peace” the world cannot give. That is why Confirmation
becomes a powerful moment in the life of any Baptized person who receives it.
One who receives the Sacrament of Confirmation is no longer a child in the

Our former way of life needs to be different after Confirmation. We need
to remind ourselves of the fact that the Church relies on us after Confirmation
to bring the face of Christ into our homes, institutions, communities, and to the
whole world.

Congratulations once again to all those who were confirmed. God bless
our youth minister and all teachers who taught and assisted them. May we all
be joyful each day and exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives!