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                                                         FROM THE PRIEST'S CORNER: FR. JUSTUS ALAETO

Blessings to "all faith formation teachers” in our parishes!

This weekend is “National Catechetical Sunday.”  This week, we are praying as a Church, appreciating, and supporting all those who help in handing on the Catholic Faith to others; for solid growth, and the spread of God’s Kingdom. With prayerful thoughts, I wish to thank all those who have taken time to listen to the voice of the Lord in their hearts, and helping the Church in faith formation, especially in our own parishes here, at Star of the Sea Brookings, and St. Charles Gold Beach. May the Lord keep blessing you, always as you help others to know Jesus!

My brothers and sisters, there is serious need for us to continue to pray, learn, and keep growing constantly in our Catholic Faith. There is need for us to be able to understand, and defend every teaching about our catholic faith, and be proud of it. That will help us pray well, and enjoy the continuous presence of Jesus in our heart and life. For instance, faith formation programs will help us know, and appreciate, why Mass is important to our life as Catholics, what happens at Mass, why I need prayer always in my life, what prayer is all about, why adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is important for my daily spiritual growth, and my relationship with Jesus the Savior, what we can learn from the Church Fathers and teachings of the Church, what the Sacraments do in our life, the role of all faithful with regard to the Faith, etc. There is much more to learn. In our parish faith formation this year (both young and adult faith formation), we would like to engage more in “new evangelization” for our faith. By new evangelization, I mean exploring deeper, on those spiritual flavors that make our faith and believing stronger each day. We would be exploring them in a way that will set fire in our hearts for Jesus the Savior, the fire for love of God more than anything else.

In October this year (2017), we shall start our “All Parish Catechesis Class,” for everyone, once a week through May 2018. The class will be a one-hour class every Thursday, 1:30pm-2:30pm, starting from October 26, 2017, through May, 2018, at Star of the Sea parish hall. St. Charles Parish in Gold Beach will be on Fridays 11:00am-12:00noon, in the parish hall there, followed by Mass at 12:10pm. I will be teaching the class and will be using different materials, including video, the FORMED PROGRAM, and other resources. Due to our great participation in the archbishop’s appeal, we were given almost free the program FORMED, from the archdiocese that will last for about a year. Our “All parish Catechesis Class,” will be great opportunity to come, explore, and digest the Catholic Faith. I would also like to use this time, to please encourage all our faith formation teachers to please, use the FORMED program as suitable to your teaching. You will get a lot of insight and more relevant resources for your class there.

This year, I want to use this opportunity to welcome Adele Tiberius, our new “Volunteer Coordinator for our Parish RCIA Program.” Adele is also a new member of our parish now. Adele, has great and rich ministry experiences, both in the United States and Europe. She served ten years at St. Mary’s parish in Eugene, teaching Religious Education, Sacramental preparation, and singing in the Choir. She helped to start Campus Ministry in a University at Slovakia, Europe, and spent a short time as youth minister at the national shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe, Libertyville, in Illinois. I am hoping Adele Tiberius will be an incredible blessing for our RCIA candidates this year. Adele and I, have been working out teaching schedules, RCIA teams, sponsors, and the program for this year’s RCIA program. Please, help me welcome Adele and her family into our parish. I shall be updating you about improvement in our ministries and Liturgy.

By the way, recently we have about eleven new registered families in our parish (Star of the Sea) as part of our parish family. We welcome them with joy, and we shall be improving our catechetical, and Liturgical programs, in a way that helps them meet their spiritual needs as we constantly approach the House of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Remember, I have only one agenda here; “TO SERVE YOU ALL, SPIRITUALLY WELL!” I love you, and I am here to serve your spiritual needs. Please, help me to serve you well!