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​                                                 From the Priest’s Corner: Fr. Justus Alaeto



Blessings of the Lord to you all, and all our families! From October 26, 2016, we shall be starting our “All Parish Catechesis Class and discussion,” once a week. All are invited! The class will be a one-hour class and discussion, every Thursday of the week, 1:30pm-2:30pm, at Star of the Sea, in the parish hall. And Fridays, 11:00am -12:00 Noon in the parish hall, followed by Mass at 12:10pm, at St. Charles in Gold Beach. However, due to “All Saints” day and “All Souls,” there will be no class that week. We shall always update you whenever any event or program may mandate us to cancel a particular class for the week. We shall also be taking some mid-term breaks sometimes, like Christmas season or Easter. Next fall, we shall be starting a Bible Study Class, after which we shall make a trip to the Holy Land, for those who would love to. Other parishes may join us as well.


I will be teaching the class, and we shall periodically be using different materials, including teaching, video, FORMED PROGRAM, and other resources. That will be an excellent opportunity for us to grow deeper in faith, to learn more about Jesus Christ and the teaching of the church, to ask questions, and to let the mystery of our faith set fire for deeper love of God in our hearts. The All Parish Catechesis will take us from October 2017 through May 2018. Remember, the Lord is forming us to be good salt to the earth. We need the Holy Spirit to inspire, educate, and form us. The Holy Spirit flows from the guidance and teachings of the Church, handed down to us with faith. It is always joyful and prayerful knowing why we do what we do in our faith and how that transforms our lives each day. The first step towards wisdom is the knowledge and fear of the Lord. So, please come, explore, and digest spiritually, our catholic faith for ongoing spiritual growth and understanding.


Secondly: Due to our great participation in the archbishop’s appeal last year, we were given an almost free program by the archdiocese called “FORMED” .Please, I would like to use this time, to encourage all our faith formation teachers and all leaders of any ministry, to please use the FORMED program as suitable to your teaching or ministry. You will get a lot of insight, and relevant resources that would help your ministry. I have asked Carol Richardson, our parish secretary to be in charge of guiding all ministries towards the success of this program. She is very enthusiastic about guiding all the groups on this. At some point, Carol will be introducing us to this after Mass, before we start. Carol, will also be guiding me on how to use that for my class as well.


God bless you all, for your faith, life, and love for our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Catholic Church. May we continue to be in union of prayer and love with Jesus, and with one another.



“We no longer say that we are disciples and missionaries, but rather that we are always missionary disciples.” Pope Francis

Pope Francis