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                                                                    FROM THE PRIEST’S CORNER: REV. JUSTUS ALAETO

Follow the Lord’s Star in Your Life For Everlasting Joy

Blessings of the New Year to you all. We are always grateful to the Lord who gave us the New Year to Praise Him, Bless Him, Adore Him, and to allow Him to transform and lead our lives every day.

In the celebration of “Epiphany,” we reflect on the manifestation of God’s glory to us, through the action of the incarnation, and by the special pilgrimage of the three gentiles to the birthplace of Christ, the Emmanuel (The God with us). This celebration teaches us that no one who truly has experienced God remains indifferent.

The “Magi” (i.e. The Three Wise Men) said when they were asked about their visit: “For we observed His Star at its rising.” In other words, they listened to the voice of God that inspired them inwardly about Jesus. That discovery moved them to action. That also implies that after discerning the mystery of that particular star, they never remained indifferent. Rather, they followed the star immediately through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, until it led them to the birthplace of Jesus, our Savior.

My beloved brethren, through our faith and Baptism, we have the capacity to discern and discover our own star that God has assigned to lead us towards Jesus Christ from the skies of our individual lives. In whatever situation and circumstance of life we may see ourselves, it is always a time to recognize the spiritual star that directs us. The Holy Spirit, prayer, good life, and word of God can become a spiritual star to guide us. Every day we are being challenged like the “Three Wise Men” from the East, to see, recognize, and follow the star sent to us by God, to guide us toward Jesus the Savior, who has a solution to all we do in life. Any spiritual step that would lead us to God and guides us towards God’s will, is a spiritual star for us at that moment. May we never remain indifferent in following the Star of the Lord in the skies of our lives throughout this New Year and years ahead. Amen.

Happy New Year to you all!!